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How do I use Remote Access to view my files and school shared documents?

You can remotely access your files and school shared documents in two ways:

Basic Version

You can use the Basic Version straight away. When you have logged on, you can simply click on a file to download it. To upload a file, click upload and drag a file to your browser. The file uploader uses Microsoft Silverlight. If you don’t have this installed already, you will probably see a prompt when you first upload a file, so you can install Silverlight.

Direct Edit Version

To use Direct Edit Version, you will need to download the Direct Edit client. You will be prompted to download this application the first time you access this utility. Once you have opened and saved your document, it will be automatically uploaded to your network area. You must have the appropriate software installed on the computer you are accessing the file from e.g. opening a Microsoft Word document you need to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer.

To use Remote Access to view your files and school shared documents. The login for remote access can be found here.

Access SMHW (Satchel:one)

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Access Teams

Download an information sheet here.

Installing the Teams App

Instructions for installing the Teams app can be found here.