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A warm welcome to the Sweyne Park School, a thriving academy school in Rayleigh, Essex for pupils in age range from 11 to 19.

Building character is at the heart of The Sweyne Park School’s ethos along with respect and personal success.  These have been the foundations of our approach to providing education through the school’s evolution.  Education is about equipping young people for life with skills that will enable happy fulfilled lives.  At The Sweyne Park School we aim to achieve this through sharing and modelling behaviours which both build on individual personality and harness positive relationships, so that pupils who choose our school will understand the importance of society and feel able to contribute.

As a school we work hard to provide high quality lessons across the entire curriculum incorporating opportunities to participate in active learning, with components fostering individual skills, and others effective group interactions.  The curriculum at The Sweyne Park School continues to be broad, including a focus on the traditional arts, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects, reflecting our commitment to value these specialist fields. We give all our pupils a grounding in the basics to help them appreciate the contributions that all subjects make in enriching our lives, whilst also feeding the appetites of those who become passionate in these areas. We are keen to offer a diverse range of activities beyond the classroom with trips, visitors and residential experiences broadening our pupils’ horizons and skills to thrive in all circumstances.  We work closely with pupils to encourage their full engagement in their educations, and to see schooling as helpful in providing the means to achieve their aspirations, both personally and for careers.

Many of our pupils choose to join our successful sixth form. A strong testament to the bond so many of our young people develop towards the school, is their willingness once they have moved on, to support current pupils through tuition and sharing university, apprenticeship and career insights to enable informed choices for future pathways.

We, at The Sweyne Park School, are very proud to have the recognition of our strong ethos and positive inclusive culture from UNICEF with the prestigious Gold Rights Respecting School award.

Ready, Respectful, Safe

Sweyne Park School, Essex

The Sweyne Park School places respect at the heart of everything we do and, as a result, our school is a safe and happy place in which to learn. We strive to support and nurture every pupil as an individual and encourage them to achieve the very best they can. We believe that our focus on respect leads to high expectations and excellent discipline, and this in turn leads to the highest possible achievement for each individual pupil.

Our History

The Sweyne Park School was an amalgamation of two secondary schools, The Sweyne School and The Park School, located on the Sweyne School site. Both schools had a history of surplus places and so the Local Authority decided to combine the two schools to improve resources for pupils in the local area. Kate Spiller was appointed Headteacher Designate in 1996 and under her outstanding and visionary leadership, the new school opened in 1997. To support the new school, a major building project was initiated, funded by the LA/DFE, and completed in 1999. This comprised a number of new buildings, including a block of four classrooms, a new music suite and a sports hall. The Lord Lieutenant of Essex, The Lord Braybrooke JP, opened the new building on 4th November 1999 and Rio Ferdinand opened the new Sports Hall on 14th May 1999. 

From the outset, the staff and governors of Sweyne Park were determined to establish a school committed to “Securing Pupil Success” which valued all individuals within a strong culture of respect. Through engaging with the local community, listening to the views of our pupils (Pupil Voice) and investing in the highest quality Continuing Professional Development to recruit and retain the best possible staff, the school became increasingly successful. Our work on Pupil Voice has been recognised at National Level and we were one of the very first schools to obtain Investors in People status in 1999. In 2010, we became one of the first schools in the country to obtain the Investors in People Gold standard, and the high quality of our staff remains a key strength of the school. Throughout the history of the school we have engaged in national initiatives to ensure we continue to secure pupil success. Consequently, in 2003, we became a Specialist Science School and a Training School and, in 2004, a Leading Edge school.

In 2013, the school successfully became an academy, and opened a new Sixth Form in 2014 to serve the town of Rayleigh. Ofsted gave its seal of approval to the new provision in October 2017 when the school also became the lead school in a new Multi‐Academy Trust working with Glebe Primary, one of the school’s main feeders.

Our Ethos

The Sweyne Park School places respect at the centre of its ethos and strategic vision.

Our core aim at Sweyne Park is to be “Ready, Respectful, Safe” and to ensure all achievement is celebrated and valued. We are committed to very strong partnerships between home, school and community members. We believe that the whole community can contribute to motivating and supporting pupils’ progress.

We are genuinely excited about the opportunities and challenges the future will bring and our vision going forward is to further secure pupil success through our work as a Thinking School. By developing pupils’ thinking skills, positive attitudes to learning and employability skills, we hope all our pupils will achieve not only success in their studies, but also success and happiness in their future lives.

Multi Academy Trust

Sweyne Park School is the lead school in the Rayleigh Schools Trust (RST). The Glebe Primary School is a member of our MAT. If you are interested in discovering more information on the Rayleigh Schools Trust follow the link below or you can visit their website at www.rayleighschoolstrust.com.

Resource Base for Deaf Pupils (RBDP)

The aim of the Resource Base is to provide support for pupils with hearing impairment to enable them to integrate and participate, as fully as possible, in all aspects of life at Sweyne Park School. 

For more information on our RBDP curriculum, support, communication, accommodation, staff and pupils please click the button below .

School Improvement

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Continuing Professional Development:

          –   Quality First Teaching 

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Developing Character Education

Sweyne Park School: where together we grow as a respectful, resilient and kind  community.”