The Arts Award

What is The Arts Award?

At the Sweyne Park School we have just introduced the Bronze Arts Award scheme which was piloted through Cheerleading by Miss Charge. If you are interested to find out more see the information below and visit the Arts Award site.

Explore the arts and share your skills

If you’re ready to try new experiences in the arts and media, doing a Bronze Arts Award is perfect for you – and you can achieve a Level 1 national qualification.

It’s all about seeing, trying, and doing new things in whatever part of the arts world inspires you. You’ll attend events, research your heroes, and share your passions with others.

Employers, universities and colleges know that Arts Award is a qualification that shows your level of commitment and progress in the arts, and in developing new skills.

You build a portfolio of your ideas and activities in your own personal style and format. You might make a folder or sketchbook, a video diary or website – it’s up to you. The Bronze Award will usually take you about 40 hours to complete.

Do your Bronze Arts Award and you’ll get the chance to try new experiences in the arts world – plus a valuable Level 1 national qualification. For more information on the Arts Award visit their website.

What Does The Bronze Award Involve?

  • Taking partYou will take part in an arts activity, anything from dance to creative writing to beat boxing go to an arts event of your choice.
  • ResearchYou will need to find your arts hero or heroine, research their story, and discover how they got to where they are today.
  • Share your skillYou will need to share your skills by helping to run a workshop or by giving a demonstration to others