Curriculum Vision Statement

Our curriculum has been developedto inspire pupils, to secure strong academic outcomes and engender in them an enduring sense of curiosity.  By exploring the broad and rich variety of subjects we offer, pupils can find their unique strengths, value their own ability to learn, find their voice and use it with confidence and eloquence. They can grow into truly independent learners who are inspired and driven to learn.

Our curriculum is designed to give each pupil a broad and secure body of knowledge about the world around them, and the perspectives and lives of others living both now and in the past.  In addition to this, they learn about the key scientific, literary, mathematical, artistic and technological achievements of the human race to date. Through their learning, pupils will develop their thinking skills and practical abilities. They will learn to analyse, evaluate, make judgements and justify their reasoning. Pupils are empowered to make choices about the subjects they will study in Key Stage 4.   Decisions about syllabus selections are made with a view to facilitate the richest learning experience rather than what is expedient for league tables.  Our approach is ethical and supports Post-16 choices and progression, and to this end we opened a Sixth Form in 2014.  We are committed to ensuring all pupils have high aspirations, make informed decisions relating to the world of work, and have the skills and habits of mind, which will secure their success.

Over several years now, departments have built comprehensive curriculum maps which place great emphasis on developing skills and confidence.  Teachers are constantly adapting and improving these schemes, pre-empting and addressing misconceptions and developing in their pupils a love of learning.

Teachers actively develop pupils’ schema and ensure that new knowledge is both retained and accessible from the long-term memory.  We look to inspire and support all pupils, giving them a thirst for learning, satisfied through hard work. Our school is a highly inclusive one, where barriers to learning are actively sought and overcome.

We offer a broad curriculum and a diverse extra-curricular offer. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum has always been taught over three full years.  This gives a breadth of knowledge and skills which pupils can draw from as they specialise and make choices. We value the Arts and pupils are encouraged and supported to explore and develop their creativity, and are given the opportunity to discover their talents. The Arts are integral to the ethos of the school, challenge and sustain our culture, valuing every human being as an individual, as well as recognising and celebrating the great mystery of life.

Crucially, our curriculum also supports spiritual development, and looks to build in our pupils a moral strength that enables them to understand and express their identity and actively contribute to society and life in modern Britain. The values of respect and rights are at the heart of our school and are recognised through our work as a UNICEF Rights Respecting Gold School.

A Rights Respecting School, a Thoughtful School

The Sweyne Park School

Curriculum Overview

KS3 provides the foundation of knowledge for success at KS4.  The aim of KS3 bridge any gaps in knowledge from KS2 into KS3 and to both strengthen and deepen students’ knowledge in specialist subject areas. Students are provided with opportunities to develop their research and analytical skills and to express and articulate their opinions coherently and confidently.

There are twenty five periods per week and each lesson will last for 60 minutes.

At Sweyne Park we like to involve parents/carers directly in the work of our school. A strong home-school partnership is essential if pupils are to achieve their best in national qualifications and to take a full part in all that the school offers. 

Students in KS4 will follow a core curriculum followed by four optional choices. The current offer for KS4 students is outlined in the downloadable Year 9 options’ booklet located at the bottom of this page.

Information about our provision for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEN/D) is outlined in the SEN Information Report.

Home Learning

Home learning is an important part of the work pupils complete at The Sweyne Park School. It is essential for academic success. Specifically, home learning:

  • Study TimeAdds a substantial amount of study time to a pupil’s education.
  • Independent LearningOffers opportunities for work which is independent of the teacher.
  • ResourcesCan exploit materials and sources of information which are not accessible in the classroom.
  • Work CompletionAllows pupils to complete work started in school.
  • Practise SkillsAllows pupils to practise skills learnt in the classroom.
  • Self ManagementPermits the setting of tasks in accordance with the ability of the pupil.
  • Parental InvolvementStrengthens home-school links enabling parental involvement.
  • Positive HabitsSet on a regular basis, encourages good study habits and ensures that work becomes part of the culture

Home Learning Timetables

Options Booklet

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