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Exam Information

This page is intended to provide information about the examinations taken by pupils at the Sweyne Park School for pupils, parents and carers. There is also important information about exam regulations, the equipment required and the exam timetables.

If you have any concerns or need further information, please contact the Examinations Officers either by phone or email.

Mail: exams@sweynepark.com

01268 784721 (ext 307).

For further exam information including controlled assessments, coursework assessments, the JCQ exam regulations, what to bring to an exam, the mobile policy and more download the bundle below.

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Top A-Level Revision Tips

  • Start Revising Early.
  • Be Organised.
  • Understand The Assessment Objectives.
  • Take Breaks & Get Enough Rest.
  • Practice Past Exam Papers.


Certificates from the last academic year are awaiting collection. If the collection of certificates will be by somebody other than the candidate, they must bring a letter of authorisation signed by the candidate. Certificates are held for 1 year and then they will be securely destroyed.

Artwork will be available for collection, after the art exhibition.

Replacement Certificates

For lost or replacement certificates, please contact the exam boards directly:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a pencil case into the exam?

Yes you may take a pencil case into the exam room, however it MUST be “see-through”.

What colour pen should I use?

Exams are to be written in black pen. Remember to bring a spare pen with you. Gel pens are NOT allowed.

What happens if I am late?

If you are late, report to the school office and inform them immediately upon your arrival that you need to enter the exam late. An invigilator will then escort you to the exam room.

What do I wear?

You must be in full school uniform. Do not bring you mobile phone, smart watch, MP3 or iPod to the exam.