Sixth Form

We are proud of our school and the Sixth Form shares our distinctive ethos which is underpinned
by a strong culture of respect where happy, confident and successful learners thrive. 

Welcome to Sixth Form

A very warm welcome to the Sweyne Park School Sixth Form.

Building character is at the heart of The Sweyne Park School’s ethos along with respect and personal success.  These have been the foundations of our approach to providing education through the school’s evolution.  A clear priority in the Sixth Form is enabling students to achieve strong academic outcomes, leading to a wide range of high quality post-18 destinations.

Education is about equipping young people for life with skills that will enable them to lead happy, fulfilled lives and empowering them to be resilient people who make a positive contribution to their communities. We achieve this through sharing and modelling behaviours, which both builds on developing individual personality and harnesses positive relationships with staff and their peers. We have a strong Student Leadership Team who represent the Student Voice, and help shape the Sixth Form’s culture and its development.

We deliver high quality lessons encouraging active and independent learning. Our teaching staff are conscientious and highly-skilled subject specialists and are fully committed to supporting student progress. The transition between GCSE and A Level study is supported by the pastoral team and subject staff, to ensure learners are equipped with the necessary tools for effective learning, incorporating guidance on organisation, planning and researching.

We are highly ambitious for our students, engaging with employers and universities throughout their Sixth Form journey. We want students to explore opportunities, foster aspirations and to be inspired to build exciting futures. In the Sixth Form, it is a privilege for teaching staff to feed the appetites of those who become passionate about their subjects and develop a thirst for deep understanding of their chosen fields.

In line with our school’s ethos of respect, we celebrate diversity, ensuring everyone feels welcome and has access to equal opportunities. The mental and physical health and wellbeing of our students is fundamental to their ability to engage fully in Sixth Form life. Therefore, our pastoral team prioritises building resilience and supporting students through all of life’s challenges.  A powerful testament to the bond so many of our young people develop towards the school, is their willingness once they have moved on, to support current pupils through tuition and sharing university, apprenticeship and career insights to enable informed choices for future pathways.

Student Bursary

The Sweyne Park Sixth Form 16-19 Bursary Fund provides financial help to students whose access to or completion of education may be inhibited by financial difficulties.

Sixth Form Team

Head of Sixth Form

Ms Helen Banks

Head of Year 12

Head of Year 13

Ms Helen Banks

UCAS/EPQ Coordinator

Mrs Jenny Clements

Sixth Form Administrator

A Level examinations are the most important public examinations you are ever likely to sit, as they ultimately determine your range of university and employment options during Year 13. For more information visit our Exams page.