Issue 1039: 22nd March 2024


Celebration Events

Following on from the superb performances last week, there has been more to celebrate this week as some of our Year 8 pupils enjoyed a Rewards evening at the Ninja Warrior course in Chelmsford.  This was to recognise and celebrate the outstanding effort and commitment these pupils continue to show towards their learning, attendance and behaviour on a daily basis. Please see some photos below showing the pupils thoroughly enjoying their experience.


We also hosted a celebration evening for pupils in Year 10 and students in Year 13 who have successfully completed their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) respectively.

The quality of their work was truly impressive, as was the huge range of topics the pupils and students had chosen to research.  Both of these qualifications are rightly recognised by Universities and are highly regarded as a reflection of the ability to study, in depth, outside of the mainstream school curriculum.

The photos below are just a snapshot of some of the outstanding projects presented during the evening.

All of these pupils and students and so many who have come before have been encouraged and supported by Jenny Clements who is a superb role model for the pupils and students in research engagement.

This, therefore, seems the perfect time to formally share that Mrs Clements has recently achieved her PhD and we are very proud that her title is now Dr Clements.

Last week also saw us host the annual Rayleigh Town Council Awards here at Sweyne Park.

I am delighted to be able to report that two of our Year 11 pupils, Ethan H and Harrison J jointly won the “Young Person of the Year” Award for supporting one of their peers who has, unfortunately, been very unwell and in hospital for a long period of time.

Throughout this time, Ethan and Harrison have visited themselves as well as coordinating a team of other friends to visit and help keep up his spirits.

Driving and Parking Around the School Site

Please can I ask parents/carers to drive and park responsibly when dropping off/collecting your children from school.  We  place great value on our relationship with our neighbours and ask that you always park with care and consideration in the surrounding roads.  In particular, please do be mindful of not parking so as cause an obstruction and/or to block the driveways of local residents. Thank you, in advance, for your ongoing support.




Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Thank to all parents/carers who came along to Year 9 Parents’ Evening last night.  It was lovely to welcome so many parents/carers at what I know is an important decision-making time for our Year 9 pupils.  Please can I remind you that the submission deadline for the Options form is today.  Thank you to everyone who has already returned their form.




End of Term Arrangements

Just a reminder that school will finish at 12.30pm on Thursday 28th March 2024 which will be a non-school uniform day with a suggested voluntary donation of £1 going towards supporting our nominated charities.




End of Term Arrangements

With Easter falling so early this year it has felt like a very short, albeit productive, half-term.

Just to remind you that we will finish at 12.30pm on Thursday 28thMarch 2024 which will be a non-school uniform day. 

We will look forward to welcoming all our pupils and students back to school at the usual time of 8.35 am on Monday 15th April 2024.

Year 7 Netball Team

Our year 7 netball team were fantastic throughout the District tournament.

Winning against Fitzwimarc to start, followed by Appleton, Castle view and Greensward.

Special mention to Vivian for excellent movement and Lexie for Fantastic shooting.

Fantastic play by all girl!

Mrs Harris

Rochford Youth Council

Rochford youth council invite pupils from Sweyne Park School to the opening of the brand-new youth centre in Rayleigh.

The opening date is set as Thursday 25th April 2024 6-8pm in the FitzWimarc sixth form block.

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