Home Learning

Home Learning

Home learning is an important part of the work pupils complete at The Sweyne Park School. It is essential for academic success. Specifically, home learning:

  • Study TimeAdds a substantial amount of study time to a pupil’s education.
  • Independent LearningOffers opportunities for work which is independent of the teacher.
  • ResourcesCan exploit materials and sources of information which are not accessible in the classroom.
  • Work CompletionAllows pupils to complete work started in school.
  • Practise SkillsAllows pupils to practise skills learnt in the classroom.
  • Self ManagementPermits the setting of tasks in accordance with the ability of the pupil.
  • Parental InvolvementStrengthens home-school links enabling parental involvement.
  • Positive HabitsSet on a regular basis, encourages good study habits and ensures that work becomes part of the culture

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