Year 6 Transition

Year Six into Year Seven

At Sweyne Park we recognise what a big step choosing a secondary school can be. Each year we review our practice to ensure we make the transition from primary school to secondary school as smooth and stress-free as possible. We have a highly experienced, dedicated team of staff supporting Year 7, including a permanent Head of Year 7, whose entire responsibility revolves around managing the move from primary to secondary and ensuring pupils are happy and successful at Sweyne Park from day one.


For transitional ease

Regular liaison with all primaries/gathering of information on a range of areas such as friendship groups and academic ability


To assist with familiarisation

Clubs and events held at Sweyne Park which pupils can experience when in Years 5 and 6 (e.g. Gifted and Talented Summer School, Science Challenge etc.)


Knowing what to expect

Teachers from Sweyne Park School offer taster lessons in some local primaries (e.g. Design & Technology lessons)


To provide important information

An innovative e-mentoring scheme whereby Year 6 pupils can e-mail questions, worries or concerns to Year 7 e-mentors in school.


To ensure friendships are built

Induction Evening/Day in July for new Year 6 and a separate special ‘Small Schools Induction Day’ for pupils from smaller schools, or schools out of catchment, to ensure they make friends with other new pupils before the summer break.



For the first day at secondary school in September, only Year 7 are in for the morning, joined by Year 12 later in the day, but no other year groups.


To assist with the adjustment

All Year 7 have their lunch at a different time from the rest of the school for the first year (a free lunch is provided for all pupils on the very first day).


To provide support

As well as Year 11 prefects to support pupils, Year 8 buddies are also attached to tutor groups and escort pupils to and from lessons for the first two weeks.

Finding your way

Secondary school can be very difficult to get used to, especially knowing where you are going and where you need to be. Finding your way around Sweyne Park is very easy and there are always staff and fellow students around who can help you find your way around.

You will find a copy of the map in your Planner.

Your questions answered ...

Lots of questions have been posed and the answers to those most frequently asked can be found on our E-Mentoring page. 

We hope you will find this helpful. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email at:

PE KIT – Whole School

As part of our commitment to ensure uniform is as affordable as possible, we have reviewed our PE kit list for September 2022, please find the table which gives you more information.

We are also setting up a Donated Uniform page which goes live on the 15th July via our Scopay app.  You will be able to access this once your children are on roll at SPS.


PE Kit – whole school Required or Optional SPS Branding available Unbranded option/s available elsewhere
Branded Royal Blue Polo shirt Required yes no
Footballs socks (Navy with yellow band) Required no yes
Plain Black shorts and/or plain black sports leggings or black Skort Required no yes
Rugby Shirt (Navy blue with mustard sleeves and sides) Recommended for Rugby and cold weather no yes
Plain black Tracksuit bottoms Optional no yes
Trainers Required no yes

Football boots

(Hockey boots not required as played on our astro turf)

Required no yes
Swimwear  (no two-piece swimwear) Required no yes
Branded Royal Blue Hoody Recommended yes no