Examinations Invigilator

Examinations Invigilators

to cover internal and external examinations through the academic year


Experience is not required, as training will be provided, although applicants will be asked to declare if they have invigilated previously elsewhere.

The ideal candidate will:

  • be flexible
  • have effective communication skills
  • keen eye for detail
  • be confident and a reassuring presence to candidates in exam rooms
  • work well within an established invigilation team

Main duties 

  1. To conduct examinations in accordance with the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), awarding body and Sweyne Park School instructions.
  2. To play a “key role in upholding the integrity of the external examination/assessment process” [JCQ ICE].

Before exams 

  • To report to the exams officer prior to each exam session
  • To assist the exams officer in checking the exam papers are correct for time, date and other paper details, before a packet is opened
  • To keep exam papers and materials secure before, during and after exams
  • To ensure exam rooms are set out to the standard required
  • To admit candidates into exam rooms
  • To identify, seat, and instruct candidates in the conduct of their exams
  • To distribute the correct exam papers and materials to candidates
  • To deal with candidate queries

During exams 

  • To supervise candidates at all times and be vigilant throughout exams
  • To keep disruption to a minimum
  • To deal with emergencies or irregularities effectively
  • To record/report any disruption or irregularities
  • To complete attendance registers
  • To deal with candidate queries

 After exams 

  • To collect exam scripts
  • To dismiss candidates from the exam room
  • To “check that the names on the scripts match exactly the details on the attendance register” [JCQ ICE]
  • To securely return all exam scripts and exam materials to the exams officer


 To attend training, refresher or review sessions as required

  • To undertake, where required and where able, other duties requested by the exams officer, for example;
  1. Supervision of clash candidates between exam sessions
  2. Facilitating access arrangements for candidates, for example as a reader, scribe etc. (full training will be provided)
  3. Invigilation for Internal examinations
  4. Exams-related administrative tasks

The Equality Act 2010 and the conduct of examinations

The Sweyne Park School has an Equality Policy which can be found on the school website.  All staff must be aware and trained in disability issues. Seating of candidates, emergency evacuation and the comfort of the candidates must be given attention. 


An hourly rate of £11.79 plus holiday pay of £1.26 per hour (January 2024)


If you are interested in finding out more, or would like an application form, please contact our Examinations Team, at exams@sweynepark.com