Issue 998: 3rd March 2023


Parking Around the School

We greatly value the positive relationship we have with our neighbours and the wider community.  Please can I remind you to be considerate when parking in the vicinity so as not to restrict access to local residents to and from their driveways, and not to leave engines running when you are parked.  Please also ensure that you do your very best not to cause congestion and traffic jams at busy times, such as drop-off and pick-up.  Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.

Attendance and Punctuality

We have noticed some slippage in pupils’ punctuality, and so I would be grateful if you would please spend some time discussing the importance of attendance and punctuality with your children.  In order to access the very best education we can offer, it is vital that pupils attend school and are punctual to registration and all of their lessons.  Not only is this crucial for the smooth running of their day, but it is also an important life skill which will prepare them for their future in the world of work.  As a reminder, school starts with registration at 8.35 am and ends at 3.05 pm. Thank you for your support with this.


With the potential of more cold weather forecast, please can I remind you of the measures we will take in the unlikely event of snow fall leading to any necessary school closure.  We will make every effort to keep the school open but always have to consider safety for both pupils and staff, many of whom travel from a distance away.  Should there be a need to close, we will aim to post this on the school website by 7.45 am, at the latest (remember to click the ‘refresh’ button to ensure accessing the latest information).  Local radio stations no longer broadcast this information, but this will also be published on the Essex County website: or simply just search for Essex County Council Emergency School Closures.

A-Level Geography students Visit Osmington Bay in Dorset 

Last week we took 27 A-Level Geography students on a field trip to Osmington Bay in Dorset.

The students were able to see, in person, some of the coastal landforms they have been studying in their lessons, including Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door and the sand dunes at Studland Bay. On the second day, students collected data to demonstrate how the sand dunes changed as they moved further inland. This was really successful and provided them with practical experience of data collection. Students also completed workshops in the evening to consolidate coastal theory and complete geographical skills with the data they had collected. On the final day they enjoyed exploring Lyme Regis and the coastal management in place to protect the town and had the opportunity to evaluate how effective it was.

The students conducted themselves with great maturity and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to concentrate on their studies. Finally, despite the long journey back, it was a very successful trip!


Ms O’Neill – Head of Geography

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Although EVERY day is a book day in the school library, yesterday we celebrated World Book Day with a “Guess the Book Title” Catchphrase style quiz, wordsearches and lots of book chatter!
Well done to everyone who took part, (positive points have been awarded!). Congratulations to Abigail & Michael, who got all 20 questions correct. Prizes will be awarded next week.


WICKED Writing Competition

“You will be writing persuasively and be the change you
want to see!
This means writing about something you are passionate
about that could motivate the audience to make a change.

You could be asking for change in your school, in your
local community or worldwide. The trick is to write about something you have strong feelings towards as this will show in
your writing.”




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