Issue 986: 17th November 2022


Remembrance Sunday Service

On Sunday, at the Rayleigh Service of Remembrance, The Sweyne Park School was superbly represented by Jude (Year 12) and Lucy (Year 12) who laid a wreath on behalf of our school to commemorate those who have fallen in conflict.  It was wonderful to see lots of other Sweyne Park pupils and students involved in the Service as members of other uniformed organisations, including the Scouts, Guides, Army and Air Cadets. They are, indeed, superb ambassadors.

Mobile Phones

As I mentioned in the Sweyne Park Times a few weeks ago, the pupils’ response to the change in policy regarding the use of mobile phones has been truly impressive.  They have adjusted well over the period of transition and we are now in a position to notify you and the pupils of the final phase.  Over the next few weeks, pupils will be notified and reminded that the full ban will come into effect from Monday 5th December.  After this stage, any phone seen at any point during the school day will be confiscated and stored securely until the end of the day.  Any breaches of the policy will be shared with parents/carers via Go4Schools, and we would very much appreciate your support in ensuring this move will go as smoothly as possible.

Help and Support from Essex County Council

Essex County Council has prepared a summary of all the support available to help families with the rising costs of living.  In particular, they are focusing on helping people to stay well fed, keep warm and feel supported.  For details of a number of cost of living initiatives, please access their cost of living hub.


In addition to this, please click here to visit our website, where you can find a significant amount of useful information, compiled by Essex CC, detailing all the help and support available.





And Finally

Enjoy the weekend.

Adisa the Verbalizer brings powerful poetry to life

On Wednesday, Year 9 were treated to a lively poetry performance by the wonderfully entertaining poet, Adisa the Verbalizer. Adisa’s visits to Sweyne Park School were always considered as one of the highlights of the Year 9 curriculum, linking in perfectly to their work on multicultural poetry, so it was great to be able to welcome him back in person.

Adisa engaged and entertained all of Year 9 in the Hall, with his powerful, vibrant and energetic performance as he happily demolished stereotypes and peoples’ perceptions of poetry. There were poems that had us laughing out loud and poems that made us really stop and think.

Adisa then expertly led two creative writing workshops in the Library, with a focus on being truthful and personal through the liberation of writing and building confidence in sharing our thoughts and ideas. These invoked great emotion and produced some powerful poetry written by our Year 9 pupils.

Yet another powerfully productive, poetry-filled day was experienced and we’re already looking forward to, hopefully, seeing Adisa again next year.

“I learnt how to express my feelings in a poem.”                 Emma 

“Adisa’s visit has shown me that words do have a meaning, words can be powerful and the word life, has more meanings than I’d considered.” Ethan 

“Adisa has made me see things differently with poetry. You can relate poetry to everything – there are no restrictions. He has such a wonderful way with words.” Brooklyn

“I loved the way Adisa interacted with the audience. It was funny and really enjoyable.” Daisy  

“I liked how Adisa encouraged us and made us really see poetry. I loved how he built our confidence in sharing our ideas and performing and being creative.” Amelia





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