Issue 965: 28th April 2022


Cashless Payment System

From June 2022 we will be moving our cashless payment provider from ParentPay to Tucasi.  Tucasi (also known as SCOPAY) is the online payment provider at Glebe Primary and many other schools around the country.


We will provide all parents/carers with details of how to create a new account over the next few weeks, but please be reassured that when we close down ParentPay all balances will automatically be transferred to the new Tucasi system.  No money will be lost.


Payments for catering and trips will continue to be made online, via the Tucasi system.  Tucasi also has a very reliable mobile app. which will allow you to make quick and easy payments.


As soon as the new system goes live, we will provide you with details of how to register on Tucasi.  Please note, that after the May half-term break, ParentPay will no longer accept payments, however, as I mentioned above, all balances will be automatically transferred over to Tucasi.

Mobile Phones

Please can I ask for your support in reminding your son/daughter that mobile phones are only permitted in the designated “Phone Zones”.  Misuse of phones is recorded on Go4Schools which you can view, and is also monitored by the Pastoral Team.  Please be advised that staff will remove a phone from a pupil if they use it in a lesson, and Heads of Year will issue temporary bans for any repeated incidents of misuse.

And Finally….

I do hope your son/daughter enjoys the additional day’s holiday tomorrow, and that you all have a lovely long weekend.

School will reopen at the usual time of 8.35 am on Tuesday 3rd May.

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