Issue 956: 4th February 2022


Disruption to the School Day

We are extremely proud of our strong ethos of respect, and the majority of our pupils share our pride. However, there are a small number of pupils who are not showing respect for their peers, teachers and school staff. Unfortunately, we have recently had a number of occasion where pupils have deliberately set off the fire alarms. This not only causes unnecessary disruption to the school day, but also risks the safety of our school community, results in loss of education and causes dangerous levels of complacency when evacuating the building.  On one occasion, this also led to the Fire Brigade attending site which could possibly have diverted them from a real emergency.


Where we establish that a pupil has taken deliberate action to disrupt the school day in this way, I will have no hesitation in sanctioning them, which will include a fixed-term exclusion.  Given the time that all of our pupils have lost due to the pandemic, it is crucial that their learning is not disrupted by the deliberate actions of a few.    


This week, we have seen a higher level of staff absence than of late, and I apologise for the amount of cover staff that we have had to deploy. I appreciate that this is far from ideal.  However, the reduction of the period of self-isolation to 5 days, with 2 consecutive negative tests, is definitely a positive development, with staff now able to return to school sooner than had previously been the case. 

Keeping Ourselves Safe

Thank you to everyone who supported the School Aged Immunisation Service by providing consent for their son/daughter to have the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this week.  Can I please ask that you continue to encourage your child(ren) to take their twice weekly Lateral Flow Tests at home, and to report any positive results via TestRegister.  The combined programme of vaccination and regular testing really does help to mitigate the spread of the virus and to protect our whole school community. Thank you for your ongoing support of this crucial area of school life.

Cause for Concern

We are aware of an adult male behaving indecently on the bridle path, and causing distress to pupils on their way into school.  We have reported this to the police, who will now be increasing their patrol of the area, and our staff will also be vigilant.  Please contact the police, and let us know, should you or child witness anything untoward.

Rayleigh Schools Trust AGM

The Members of the Rayleigh Schools Trust will hold their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 23rd February.  Parents/carers have the opportunity to raise any issues with the administration and conduct of the Trust that they have been unable to resolve by normal channels.  If you wish to raise any such issues, please contact Simon Smith, Company Secretary, by email at

And Finally …

Enjoy your weekend.

Ava secured the part of Maugrim (lead wolf and head of the White witch/ Queens secret police wolves)

Ava  has been a member of Razzmatazz for a few years,  but due to lockdown had only just performed in her first show. In this first show she was able to secure the part of Maugrim (lead wolf and head of the White witch/ Queens secret police wolves) from an adaptation called tales of narnia from  the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.


The performance was amazing at the Palace Theatre Westcliff. The wait was long for her to perform with the rest of the students from Razzmatazz Rayleigh West, who have all worked hard. It was well worth the wait. 

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