Issue 954: 21st January 2022


Contact Details and IT Queries

It is vital that we have up-to-date contact details for all parents and carers so as to ensure effective and efficient communication.  If your contact details have changed recently, please do let us know by emailing Thank you for your support with this important area of school life.


In the event that you have any technical queries or questions, including login details for apps such as Show My Homework or Go4Schools, please contact our IT Team at, who will be happy to help you.

Face Coverings

This week, the Prime Minister announced that pupils and staff will no longer be asked to wear face coverings in the classrooms, and that from Thursday 27th January, face coverings will not be required in communal areas.  As I am sure you will understand, some pupils and members of staff may feel more comfortable in continuing to wear face coverings, and this will, of course, be a personal choice.

Year 9 Careers Conference

This week, as part of our Options programme, our Year 9 pupils took part in a Careers Conference during which they spent time with various local and national employers, including Network Rail, and Southend Airport.  It was fantastic to be able to welcome external speakers back into school to share their knowledge and expertise with our pupils. Year 9 participated in 4 different workshops, and enjoyed learning about different industry sectors through presentations and activities.  They benefitted from the opportunity to spend time with people working in those sectors, and gained a real insight into their work, and the options afforded to them by each industry.

And Finally …

Enjoy your weekend.

G B Strong, author, visits Sweyne Park

Last week, it was fantastic to be able to welcome into school, G B Strong, author of Running Deep.

Two Year 7 English classes were treated to a workshop with Grant who spoke about his book, described as “an exciting adventure set in the near future in a technologically advanced London, caught in a dark, criminal underworld.”

We learnt about unleashing our own creativity and how everything starts from daydreaming! Pupils enjoyed acting out the opening scene from Running Deep, as well as examples of famous people’s daydreams and how they went on to successfully create them.

Grant also provided lots of great writing tips for developing characters and plots and above all, inspired us all to be less passive and more creative!

Signed copies of Running Deep can be ordered directly from at the discounted price of £5. (Use discount code ‘schools’ and please enter the school and a name in the message box!)  For PayPal -use email address: (leaving the school and recipient’s name in the message box)


“I loved how he let us create and act out the stories of other creative people, instead of just telling us.” Sophie

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