Issue 939: 17th September 2021



Now that our pupils and students have had the chance to settle back into the routine of school life, please can I ask you to remind them of the need to comply fully with our Uniform Policy.  All pupils and students should be wearing the correct uniform, including school jumpers.  Coats should not be worn inside the building, and should be left in lockers rather than taken into classrooms.  Thank you for your support with this.  Full details of our Uniform Policy can be found by clicking here (for KS3/KS4) and here (for KS5).

May Bank Holiday

As you may be aware, in order to recognise the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Government has fixed an extra bank holiday for 2nd June 2022.  As this falls within the summer half term, schools will be compensated by an additional day’s holiday during term time. For us, at Sweyne Park, this will be 27th May 2022.  This means the last day of the first summer half term will end on Thursday 26th May 2022.  School will re-open at the usual time following the half-term break on Monday 6th June 2022.

Free School Meals

As you may be aware, parents on low incomes, and receiving certain benefits, are entitled to claim Free School Meals for their child(ren). Full details, and an application form, are available online at Alternatively, if you think you may be eligible, but want to find out more, please do ring Pupil Services at the school, and they will be happy to advise you and help with an application. If your claim is successful, a set amount will be credited to your child’s account in our cashless catering system, which ensures anonymity. It is well worth having – even if your child only uses it to buy a drink/snack to supplement a packed lunch!

Open Evening – Reminder

As I mentioned in last week’s edition, our annual Open Evening will be taking place on Tuesday 21st September.  In order to allow us sufficient time to prepare to welcome in pupils and parents from our local community, school will finish at 12.30pm on that day.

Resolving IT Problems

In the event that you or your child has lost or forgotten login details to any of the online platforms which we use, including Show My Homework, ParentPay etc., please contact our IT Team at, who will be happy to help you.

And Finally …

Have a lovely weekend!


If you registered your child for music lessons via Essex Music Services these will be commencing in school from w/c 20th September 2021.  Timetables have been given to pupils via their form tutors and emailed to parents.  Please contact Mrs Twomey ( for any queries.  Thank you.

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Book of the Week


By Patience Agbabi​

“Elle is a Leapling: born on a leap day (29th February) and with the ability to leap backwards and forwards through time.

On her twelfth birthday she’ll take her first official leap, on a school field trip to 2048. They’ll visit the Time Squad Centre, a time-travelling crime-fighting organisation. But when Elle, in 2020, receives a cryptic SOS text message sent from someone in 2048 she knows something is wrong in the future. Who sent it? Why?

Someone’s in trouble in 2048 – and it’s up to Elle to figure out who it is, and how to save them.”

An exciting time-travelling sci-fi mystery!


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We will be holding our annual Open Evening on Tuesday 27th September 2022