Issue 938: 10th September 2021


Welcome Back

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and found some time to relax with family and friends now that the COVID restrictions have been lifted.  We have had a fantastic first full week back, and it has been great to see all of our pupils in school starting, what we hope will be, a “normal” academic year.


Although given recent history I don’t like to speak too soon, and am now used to not planning for too far ahead in the future, I am pleased to say that, at the time of writing, we have not been dealt any major COVID–related curve balls from the Department of Education! Therefore, I am very much looking forward to being able to focus on our core business of providing the very best possible education for all our pupils and students.


As part of this, and in line with our goal of working closely in partnership with parents and carers, from Monday next week you will receive daily updates of any positive or negative points your child receives on Go4Schools via email.  If you should experience any difficulties accessing this please email our IT Team at, who will be happy to help you.


Also, may I take the opportunity to remind you to ensure we always have the most up-to-date email address and contact details for you.  Many thanks for your cooperation.

And Finally …

Enjoy the warm weather, while it lasts!

Lateral Flow Testing

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to encourage their children to take the twice weekly Lateral Flow Tests (“LFT”).  For parents and carers of our new Year 7 pupils, you should have received an email from TestRegister with a link which will allow you to logon to the online platform and record the results of your child’s LFT.  This really is a crucial element of school life, and I am extremely grateful for your ongoing cooperation. Together with the other COVID-related mitigations we have in place, I am hopeful that regular testing will reduce the number of pupils, students and staff who may have to self-isolate due to a positive test result.

Open Evening – Early Closure

I am delighted to say that for the first time in 2 years, we will be hosting our usual Open Evening for prospective new pupils on Tuesday 21st September.  Although there will be a few changes to the programme to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our community, things will most definitely have a more normal feel and pupils and parents/carers will be able to get a real taste of life at Sweyne Park.  To allow us to prepare for this exciting event, school will finish at 12.30pm on that day, as has been the case in previous years. 

Food Allergies

If your child has a confirmed known food allergy, please notify Pupil Services by email: with their full name, reg group and details of the allergy so we can update our records. Thank you.


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Book of the Week


By Phil Earle

“It’s 1941 and Joseph has found himself in London during the Blitz, under the care of Mrs F, who seems to only care about her rundown zoo. Joseph takes an instant dislike to Adonis, the huge silverback gorilla, but gradually an unlikely bond begins to form between the two of them, especially helping him deal with bullies at his new school.”

This is wonderfully written historical story; raw, emotive and compassionate.

You will remember this story long after you’ve finished reading it.

We will be holding our annual Open Evening on Tuesday 27th September 2022