Issue 931: 28th May 2021


Year 11 Pupils and Year 13 Students

I would very much like to take the opportunity to say “farewell” to our Year 11 pupils and Year 13 students as they finish their last day of school. We could not be prouder of the maturity, resilience and strength they have shown during what has been an incredibly challenging and difficult time. We are especially proud of how well they have been working over the last few months, embracing the assessment opportunities they have had. We wish them every success for the future and, all being well, are looking forward to having the opportunity to celebrate their time at Sweyne Park with the events we have planned for later in the summer term. It has been a privilege to be their Headteacher during these testing and unprecedented times, and I would also like to thank you, as parents and carers, for all the support and understanding you have shown. I do hope the half-term break allows you all to enjoy some quality time with your friends and family.


Just a reminder that after the half-term break, pupils will not be allowed to wear coats in lessons or whilst walking around inside the school building. Hopefully as we will be in the last half of the summer term, the weather will be kind to us! Pupils will also be expected to have a school jumper with them at all times, and comply with our School Uniform Policy, as set out on our website. For any families who may need some financial assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at, in the strictest of confidence.

Year 10 Parents’ Evening

As I mentioned in an earlier edition, Year 10 Parents’ Evening has been re-scheduled to take place on Thursday 10th June. Appointments are now available to book via the SchoolCloud. Should you experience any problems with the system, please contact our IT Team at, who will be happy to help.

Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs)

Thank you to everyone who has been recording the results of their son/daughter’s LFTs via the TestRegister system. As you will be aware, we have issued another batch of LFTs this week, to ensure that our pupils and students are able to continue testing twice weekly during the holiday and into the start of the new half-term.

It remains the case that we are required to assist with identifying close contacts and so if your son/daughter does test positive at any time up to and including Sunday evening, please do contact us at In the event of a positive LFT you should arrange a confirmatory PCR test as soon as possible, and self-isolate pending the results. Thank you for your ongoing support of the testing programme.

Happy Holidays

I do hope that you all enjoy a lovely break, and that our pupils and students come back rested and ready for the final half-term of the year. As a reminder, Monday 7th June is a non-pupil day and all year groups, with the exception of Years 11 and 13, will start back at school at the usual time on Tuesday 8th June. Have a great holiday.

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Year 11 Parents

Pupil Services would be grateful for any donations of school skirts, trousers or jumpers.

Thank You 

Book of the Week


By Angie Thomas (YA)

“A hard-hitting return to Garden Heights with the story of Maverick Carter, Starr’s father, set seventeen years before the events of the award-winning The Hate U Give. With his King Lord dad in prison and his mom working two jobs, seventeen-year-old Maverick Carter helps the only way he knows how: slinging drugs.

Life’s not perfect, but he’s got everything under control.

Until he finds out he’s a father… Suddenly it’s not so easy to deal drugs and finish school with a baby dependent on him for everything.

So when he’s offered the chance to go straight, he takes it.

But when King Lord blood runs through your veins, you don’t get to just walk away.”

A powerful voice, this story will have you gripped!

The 31st May - 6th June is National barbecue week

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