Issue 919: 12th February 2021


Happy Half-Term

At the end of what has been an unusual half-term, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and helpful feedback, as we have adapted to remote learning. I do not underestimate how challenging it must be maintaining your children’s levels of motivation and engagement, but our analysis of attendance and engagement has been incredibly encouraging and testament to the hard work you have done throughout this period.

This week during assemblies, the Heads of Year have taken great pride in celebrating and recognising the range of excellent work that our pupils have produced independently. The Go4Schools system has also enabled us and you, as parents, to see just how well pupils have engaged in their learning. Although neither of these will ever come close to replacing face-to-face celebration events, it is great to have the opportunity to recognise and reward so many of our pupils. I hope they, and you, will now manage to have a restful half-term week, and a well-deserved break from the screen.

Return to School

As you are aware the full re-opening of schools will not be before 8th March 2021. We have not received any information on this in addition to what is reported in the News and via the televised Government briefings. We are anticipating an update from the Prime Minister on 22nd February, and I will, of course, confirm arrangements with you as soon as possible thereafter.

Remote learning will recommence on Monday 22nd February. Finally, do take care and stay safe.

Reporting a Positive Case

If your child has been attending school and receives a positive test result for COVID-19 within the next 3 days, please contact us as soon as possible on to enable us to establish any close contacts and report the positive case to the Local Authority.

As you will know, we have been undertaking regular lateral flow testing on site since the return in January for pupils who have provided consent. I am pleased to report that, at the time of writing, we have had no positive results, and long may this continue.

Centre Assessed Grades

We are awaiting the outcome of the consultation with regards to the awarding of grades for Year 11 pupils and Year 13 students. You may have read that an overwhelming number of responses were received, almost half of which came from pupils/students themselves. We are hopeful that this level of representation will lead to the fairest system possible for these year groups. I will write to the parents/carers of these pupils and students as soon as we have further details.

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Are you worried about something which has happened online?


Parents text content. The internet can be a great place to keep in touch with friends and make new ones. Some people online will be genuine and supportive, but others may use the internet to look for sex and target young people.

Note: By booking a place, you are giving your consent to share any interactions you use during the online session with other participants, eg. Video streaming and audio content.
Participants are required to use their camera and use headphones during the cyp virtual session.

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Book of the Week

by Alex Wheatle


“Welton Blake has done it – he’s asked out Carmella McKenzie, the best-looking girl in school, and she’s only gone and said yes!

But just as he thinks his luck, and life, is starting to change, Welton’s phone breaks, kickstarting a series of unfortunate and humiliating events.

Life for Welton is about to go very, very wrong…”


If you like funny books that make you laugh out loud, then you’ll love this one!

Welton is a character that many students will recognise.

A hilariously funny Quick Read.


Published by the brilliant Barrington Stoke, so perfect for dyslexic readers too!

The 14th of February is Valentine’s Day

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