Issue 1019: 6th October 2023


The School Day

We have now completed the two weeks of school tours, which I am pleased to say have been very popular.

From Monday 9th October, we will revert to the previous model whereby Period 1 starts at 8.35 am with registration taking place from 9.35 am – 10.00 am.  Having had a temporary break from this model for the last 2 weeks, it has become clear that this is definitely the preferred option as it has meant significantly improved attendance, punctuality and a purposeful start to the school day.

Please could you remind your son/daughter of this change back. 

Free School Meals

As you may be aware, parents on low incomes, and receiving certain benefits, are entitled to claim Free School Meals for their child(ren). Full details, and an application form, are available online at

Alternatively, if you think you may be eligible, but want to find out more, please do ring Pupil Services at the school, and they will be happy to advise you and help with an application. If your claim is successful, a set amount will be credited to your child’s account in our cashless catering system, which ensures anonymity.

It is well worth having – even if your child only uses it to buy a drink/snack to supplement a packed lunch!

School Uniform Donations

We are very proud of our school uniform, and value the sense of belonging and identity that pupils and students get from wearing it.  However, we are aware that with the rising costs of living, it can be difficult for families to always buy brand new items of uniform.

With this in mind, we are committed to ensuring access to the correct uniform is never a barrier to learning. 


We have always supported families via lost property items and/or kind donations of second-hand school uniform.  However, in order to continue to support as many families as possible, we would be grateful for donations of any items of uniform that are in good condition.

These will be then available for sale at a discounted rate to anyone who may need to make use of the facility.  The proceeds of any sales will go to the PTA.


If you do have any problems obtaining any items of school uniform, please do contact us, in the strictest of confidence, at

And Finally….

Enjoy a bonus weekend of summer!


On Monday, The Sweyne Park netball team played against Fitzwimarc in the senior netball finals, with a very close win (14-9).

Becoming the new champions.

Everyone played to their very best, adding some special moments throughout the tournament.
The matches leading up to the finals were all played exceptionally, conceding over twenty goals within fourteen minute matches.

This is such an achievement, as the standard of netball in the district is high.
The girls are a true credit to school.

What do you do when you're not in school?

We would love to hear about your hobbies, interests and achievements...

If you have any stories and/or photos that you would like to share, please contact us at

Banned Books Week

This week was Banned Books Week.

In the Library, we looked at some of the surprising reasons books have been banned, or officially challenged. Within schools and libraries, across the globe.

For example, did you know that parents in America objected to the ‘Captain Underpants’ books on the grounds of nudity, (although he is wearing underpants!) the characters were also rude to their principal

Harry Potter books have been banned in some schools in the UK and parts of the USA ( even burnt in some American states) because they are accused of promoting witchcraft.

Animal Farm was banned at the same time in America, for being too pro-communist and in Russia for being anti-communist!

Luckily for us, these books are not banned at Sweyne Park, so why not become a rebel reader and see what all the fuss is about?



You can now order via Scopay under the Products tab. Please click on the item you require and add to basket with a donation of your choice.

Orders will be processed in 48 hours and be available to collect after 3pm from Pupil Services term time only.